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Welcome to the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce

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The Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization dedicated to the growth and success of our businesses, our communities, and our county. We work to promote local businesses and organizations through events, marketing, and support in order to make our county a better place to live, work, and raise a family.



What's Happening in Choctaw?

Butler Fest

October 13-14, 2023
Bass Tournament -- Oct. 7
Tuscahoma Landing

MISS BUTLER FEST PAGEANT Oct. 7; American Legion Hall

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    The shortage of nurses is being felt nationwide, according to reports, and projections show that the shortage will continue over the next several years. According to the 2020 Health Resources and Services Administration Nurse Workforce Projections report,  there will be a national shortage of 78,610 RNs in 2025 and a shortage of 63,720 by 2030.
   In Alabama, the problem is being addressed by new rules passed in the state last year that are reportedly benefit ing healthcare employers and nursing students alike.
The new rules now allow Alabama healthcare employers to enter into apprenticeship agreements with nursing programs in Alabama Community Colleges – including Coastal Alabama Community College -- and about 400 nursing apprentices in 17 colleges have served with nurses in more than 60 healthcare facilities since the rule was put in place.
   Through the apprenticeship program, nursing students are allowed to earn salaries while continuing their training at the same time. Healthcare facilities who take part in the program can hire students to train on the job while the student works toward completing their degrees or certifications. Students who are accepted as nurse apprentices work alongside experienced nurses and are employees of the healthcare facility where they are training. They can continue their employment by completing their apprenticeship and passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) that certifies nurses.
   Such apprenticeships have seen significant increases in the last few years, with more than 8,450 students enrolled in registered nursing and licensed practical nursing programs at community colleges in the state last year. A total of 2,950 students obtained their nursing credentials by taking part in the program.
   Currently, 22 of the state’s 24 community and technical colleges are offers nursing programs, including CACC.
   For information, contact Khori Fields, Nursing and Allied Health advisor at 251-580-2257.



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