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About the Chamber

Welcome to Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce!

Founded in 2000, our organization is dedicated to the growth and betterment of Choctaw County, Alabama. We are a

membership-funded organization that seeks to serve the businesses, organizations, and residents of our county through the promotion of events that bring visitors to our towns, through marketing for our existing businesses, and through other avenues that bring vitality to our area.We are involved in nearly every facet of life and cultures here in our county, and we take pride in our efforts to help our communities not only survive but thrive. It is our goal to ensure that Choctaw County, Alabama sees growth and prosperity for today, tomorrow,

and the foreseeable future.

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The Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce is lead by a group of local business owners and members of the community with a strong interest in the promotion of the county and its people. Chosen from across the county, they are a diverse group of volunteers who live, work, worship, and dedicate their time and energy on behalf of our community. In short, our Board members SERVE because they BELIEVE in Choctaw County.

2023 Board Members: Chairman Jay Jimerson, Secretary/Treasurer Sara Retherford, and board members Billy May, Alex Deshotels, Peggy Givens, Jacqui James, Nick Harrell, Brett Allred, and Libby Singley.

Executive Director: Dee Ann Campbell

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